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What is BlueHyppo?
What is is an all-Malaysian lifestyle portal, offering exciting and interactive content designed for surfers of all ages. is  packed full with up-to-date information, comprehensive services and rewarding contests, movie and music reviews, snippets of local events, great programs in education and games.


For Whatever and More That You’re Into woos gamers with GameZone, a games site that has more than 150 games for all ages. Gamezone now has more than 1700 subscribers who get important tips, catch the latest reviews and battle against some of the top gamers in the country.

Hypp.TV is BlueHyppo’s video channel and offers news, snippets of Malaysian nightlife and music scene, animation and events around town.

For avid sports fans, BlueHyppo presents major league matches via EPL on Hypp.TV.

B-Smart is BlueHyppo’s education channel that offers more than 600,000 exam questions for UPSR, PMR and SPM students. B-smart now caters to more than 4000 subscribers.

E-Browse is the most popular of BlueHyppo’s offerings. E-Browse carries nearly all of Malaysia’s newspapers via an application that let’s readers flip through every page just like the printed version.


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